Today more than ever, new technologies, means of transportation and media allow us to travel  through the world and know the culture of other people, their way of thinking, their customs, and  to share  their  daily life with its dramas, its joys and fears.

It could have lead the Humans to a universal brotherhood recovered at least, but ot’s the opposite which happened: identity crises, fanaticism, fear, hatred, mistrust, never  the other one that could have been  so close seemed finally so far.

“99” in France is the number assigned by the administration for all the persons born out of France. One number containing the whole world, a common end, to all humanity which reminds the tower of Babel. Ray LEMA delivers “99”  as an utopia where what could be a discrimination becomes a fraternity.

Composed of 13 tracks (including 12 unreleased) the album is a reflection of RAY LEMA’s  multiculturalism .

With a powerfull rythmic pair composed of Conti Bilong on drums and Etienne Mbappe on bass, 4 singers and a young Brazilian guitarist, all underscored by a brilliant brass section, RAY LEMA takes us on a trip that visits the rhythms of the Congo,  Luba’s Rock and Rumba and a dash of reggae.

Two special guests, featuring CHICO CESAR from Brazil (composer of the Hit, “Mama Africa”) and ANOUK (co-author of the duo  with Manu Chao  “Je ne t’aime plus tous les jours”). Ray Lema is some kind of passenger and transmission chain of an art without limits or format.

Ray Lema : piano, keyboards, guitars, percussions, lead vocals ; Etienne Mbappe : bass guitar ; Rodrigo Viana : guitars; Conti Bilong : drums ; Laurent Lupidi : programming (on 2-3 & 11); Xavier Sauze : saxophone; Thibault Renard : trumpets; Jerry Edwards : trombone; Irving Acao : saxophone (solo on 2 & 8); Ballou Canta, Luciana Demingongo, Cathy Renoir, Isabel Gonzalez : backing vocals Special guests : Chico César : vocal on “Leila” ; Anouk : vocal on “I do know now” Recorded at Studios 7ème Ciel (Issy-les-Moulineaux / France) ; Engineered & mixed by Jean-Maurice Hayano ; Mastered by John Dent (Loudmastering / London) Photography & artwork : Emanuel Bovet Produced by One Drop


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