Ray Lema & Chico César


When Ray Lema and Chico Cesar  met in 1998, it was love at first sight ! Ray admired the ability of Chico to play guitar in the congolese musics, improvising in a way so “deeply original, and totally African in his style” and he added :  ” he is a huge singer and a wonderful composer !”.

From then the two musicians met again in France,  Brazil, Germany, in different festivals, always inviting one another to share the stage.

In 2004, for the year of Brazil in France, Chico Cesar called Ray Lema to share the stage with a new project. They build up a band with musicians from both of their own bands, combined repertoires and hit the road for a big European tour, which received an enthusiastic answer from the public. But it’s when they are onely the two of them, in duo piano, guitar and vocals that their  fun and pleisure is the greatest and decided to go on touring.  Ray Lema: ” we have more freedom just the twoof us !  we follow each other in our respective craziness, without any question or fear !”.

Since then as much as they can , the two men meat regularly on stage always with  renewed  pleasure to play and share the stage.


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