Special Projects


Fascinated by the Other, Ray Lema throughout his career has dealed with the most varied and sometimes the most unexpected musical fusions. Whether with Coppeland Stewart, the drummer of “The Police” with whom he recorded the famous “The Rythmatist (1985) or with the Bulgarian Voices, the Tyour Gnawa in Morocco or the brazilian Chico César, Ray Lema jumps into the music of his musical partners, always ready for new musical discoveries and human relationships.

Some of these collaborations  are still going on, despite of the years passing by, just for the pleasure of one concert or for a special tour.

This is often happens with the brazilian singer, songwriter and guitarist Chico César and with the morrocan Mâalem Abdeslam Allikkane of Tyours Gnawa, always ready to hit the road with Ray Lema ” even until  behind the sun” as they said.

Ray Lema is also preparing collaborations for autum 2013 and autumn 2014. The “Nzimbu Project”, with Fredy Massamba, Ballou Canta and Rodrigo Viana will start in Corsica on the 10th of september 2013, and the “Still Point Project” with the string quartet Des Equilibres from Marseille (France) will start a tour on september 2014.


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