Laurent de Wilde & Ray Lema – 2 pianos



A sparkle was lit when Ray Lema and Laurent de Wilde met for the first time on a television stage in 1991, and twenty five years of separate but intense musical activities haven’t dampened it a bit. During these years the two men have deeply involved themselves in many musical adventures : jazz, choir, funk, world, electro, slam, symphonic, solo, trio, quintet, string quartet, big band… Always eager for uncharted territories, they have explored many expressions of their art with an unfailing curiosity and a daring enthusiasm.Maybe twenty five years was the right time to pass before this initial sparkle turns into a common project, but here it is and the time is now. Two pianos, one voice and thousands of ideas assembled along their travels.                                                         There will be disappointment in those who hope for a grand battle of virtuosos or a culture shock. The main objective here is to share some music. No doubt that here is Africa under Ray’s hands and Jazz in Laurent’s heart, but they have in common the same urge to play out of the box and chase emotions where they stil sound true, outside of genres and clans.

 The repertoire, composed by both artists, is where they meet.The pianos are played, struck and rubbed to deliver a common singing that is always inspired and never verbose. On a few tracks, Ray sings also, and his voice carries the duo into a world of ancient melodies where the sounds speak directly to your soul.

To sum it up : this project is more than an encounter. It’s a journey.