Ray Lema & Fredy Massamba


“I’ve been looking for  a brother in Africa to share my musical experiences, from traditional  to modern music, going through jazz, rock, hip hop and soul and finally, I found him, here he is, his name is Fredy Massamba! “. It’s with these words that Ray Lema  presented his young friend on the  stage for the project “Station Congo” which happened in Grenoble on March 2012.

Congolese from the ‘other’ Congo “, the Congo Brazzaville, he belongs to the Bakongo folks, same as Ray Lema, Fredy Massamba is one of the former member from the band “Tambours de Brazza”. Just as Ray Lema, he is a musician with no borders who multiplies experiences and encounters.

Ray Lema and Fredy Massamba now present themselves as a duo,  a universal musical journey opened to all generations.


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