Saka Saka Orchestra


Viva the rythms which make people dance ! Ray Lema and Saka Saka Orchestra make an  extraordinary sound , combining Bantu rhythms, choirs and traditional rock’n’roll riffs!

The Saka Saka Orchestra

In 2009, Ray Lema created the big band he called the “Saka Saka Orchestra”, upon the name of  the national dish of the Democratic Republic of Congo. With a brass section,  drums, electric bass and guitar and two Congolese singers, Ray Lema comes back to the keyboards for popular concerts. The Saka Saka combines the rhythms of the congolese rumba and the polyphonies of the pygmies, going through rock’n roll and  traditional rhythms from Congo and Central Africa. ( Ray Lema & Saka Saka Live in Concert video click here ! )


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